Indonesia Heritage Foundation (IHF) or Yayasan Warisan Nilai Luhur Indonesia, is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Ratna Megawangi and Dr. Sofyan Djalil in June 2000. It was legally formalized by the public notary in September 2001 No. 578/ANP/2001. An update in the law meant that it was further legalized by the Department of Justice and Human Rights No. 12 in August, 31, 2007.



Indonesia Heritage Foundation (IHF) are delighted to announce that our mission to build "A Nation of Good Character" is making new breakthroughs in ways to inspire our upcoming citizens with good character. We promote consistency between the mind, heart, and actions; "habits of the mind", "habits of the heart", and "habits of the hands". We use a process of continual assessment, a positive approach to character development, and ‘The 9 Pillars of Character Education’. We have developed innovative educational strategies and teach positive parenting skills to prepare our next generation to be citizens of integrity who are also positive learners using creative thinking and higher order thinking skills.

IHF has successfully developed a school model named “Character-based Holistic Education”, aimed to develop all dimensions of human being; not only academic, but also physical, emotional, spiritual, creative thinking and other aspects of multiple intelligences, in a holistic and balanced way, systematically imbued with the 9 pillars of character and K4. The 9 pillars of character and K4 inculcated in children is using a unique method of “Knowing the good, reasoning the good, feeling the good, and acting the good.”  The 9 pillars are:

    1. Love God and His creation
    2. Independent, Self Diciplined, and Responsible
    3. Honest, Trustworthy, and Tactful
    4. Respectful, Courteous, and Good Listener
    5. Generous, Moderate, and Cooperative
    6. Self Confident, Creative, and Determined
    7. Good Leader, Just, and Fair
    8. Kind, Humble, and Modest
    9. Tolerant, Peaceful, and United
    10. K4 (Keeping Clean, Keeping Tidy, Keeping Healthy, and Keeping Safe)

Our founding school is based in Cimanggis dan Tapos. It is here that our professional teachers have developed the teaching models and curriculum, including our Character Based Holistic Education approach. Initially our kindergarten, Elementary and High School were together in one location, but expansion means we now have a separate High School location. Most classes have a main teacher alongside an assistant teacher to promote greater professional sharing and learning. Based on the IHF’s experience, the main challenge that needs to be addressed is the quality of teachers. In any sophisticated curriculum, if teachers are not able to apply the correct learning methods, the quality of education will be inadequate.  We are always happy to receive donations to fund our teacher training programmes, and also invite any interested parties to share their knowledge and experience as a part of their positive contribution to the world of education at IHF, Indonesia.