Character School was built with the intention to prepare students to face various challenges in the 21st century, which requires people who are creative, critical, imaginative, independent, aspirational, high work ethic, have entrepreneurial spirit, adaptive, and have high emotional and spiritual intelligence. All learning methods and curriculum have been designed to form these traits. Some results of independent research have proven the superiority of the CBHE model in shaping the academic intelligence and character of students compared to those who are not. There are also many anecdotal reports, especially reports from parents who show high satisfaction with what their children have achieved at the Character School.


Character Schools located in Cimanggis-Depok have received an A accreditation for Kindergarten and Elementary School (scores 97 out of 100). The Character School has also received a very good response from the wider community. Many parents have started registering their children 2 or 3 years earlier in order to make sure they can be accepted since it is not easy to get seats (the number of applicants always exceeds the number of seats available). Therefore, in accordance with IHF's vision of "Building a Nation with Character", this CBHE model will be disseminated to other regions so there are more children experienced this CBHE model by providing training and observation programs for teachers from various regions.


Character School Mission: To promote positive characteristics in students. These positive characteristics are included in the 9 Pillars of Character.



Since the CBHE model focuses on Character Building, a conducive learning environment is an absolute requirement in order to make sure the formation of children's character. The formation of strong emotional attachments between the school and students, between students, and between parents and school is  the first most important step which helps students internalize the values we promote.


An active learning process is conducted to make students motivated from within and stimulates student spirit.


Teachers are taught how to take into account the uniqueness of each child. They are taught about multiple intelligences and different learning styles.


Concepts and theories are outlined in the teacher training materials and are featured in the design of modules which positively impact the learning process in the classroom.

  • The curriculum and teaching methods used also take child development into account so that activities are age appropriate as well as enjoyable.
  • The curriculum promotes active learning, integrated learning, brain-friendly learning, learning that fosters a child's curiosity (inquiry-based learning), relevant and contextual learning, learning by doing and learning  in teams. We encourage effective classroom management, and positive communication.
  • To ensure accountability we use a continual assessment method.   Students may be asked to produce a portfolio, present work, exhibition work, write essays, or complete self-assessments, etc.
  • Implementing  character education which has the following unique approach:

o Explicit, systematic, and continuous

o Methods to promote virtues, love, and positive action

o Every day time for reflection and understanding of the pillars of character 

o Integrating pillars of character in every activity (integrated and thematic learning that is underscored with our character based approach)

o There are over 120 books which support the themes in the 9 pillars of character which was initially designed for kindergarten students, and a book of stories titled pillars of character (for elementary school) in library

o We provide many educational games and tools that build character

o The active involvement of parents is a top priority



  1. Character Schools have strict standards for hiring teachers and staff. Every teacher who teaches at the Character School is obliged to get a teaching license from IHF, which can be obtained by following training, observation and internships conducted by IHF. The teacher training system is directed at instilling high spirit of teaching, as well as shaping the attitudes of teachers who can create a pleasant learning environment
  • Teachers who provide peace, courtesy, and are able to communicate positively and effectively to both students and parents.
  • Teachers who can make students feel loved, respected, understood, and safe when interacting with them
  • Teachers who can appreciate and understand the uniqueness and abilities of each student, this way every student feels accepted and confident
  • Teachers who are able to foster tolerance towards all differences in student backgrounds (culture, ethnicity, and religion).
  • Teachers who can motivate students that making mistakes is the best opportunity to learn.


  1. Besides having curriculum standards, Character School also has school management standards (organizational structure, school operational systems, customer service, finance, marketing.


Character School has a building standard that is adapted to the philosophy of the CBHE model (providing opportunities for students to explore and unite with nature).