Semai Benih Bangsa (SBB) is designed to help the underprivileged to have access to high-quality education, in the form of the establishment of "Semai Benih Bangsa" for Early Childhood Education/Kindergarten or the adoption of a Character-Based Holistic Education model in existing schools (Early Childhood Education/Kindergarten  and elementary school level).

IHF engage with sponsors of individuals, companies and organizations to help schools, especially in the poor, to have access to high-quality education. The SBB program focuses on education that encourage children to have good character, creative, and intelligent as has been shown by some of the results of independent research. A lot of evidence has shown that the existence of SBB schools has made the character of parents and surrounding communities getting better, because it turns out that children can become agents of change in their homes and the surrounding environment.

IHF provides a package for those who want to adopt the SBB program by implementing a Character-Based Holistic Education model in a comprehensive manner. The package includes teacher training for 10-12 days and the provision to all the resources needed for the process of teaching and learning activities (including modules, lesson plans, CD recording, teacher reference books, educational game tools, and clear instructions on how to implement it).
Objectives of SBB Programme :
  1. To provide access to disadvantaged communities to obtain high quality education through the implementation of the Character Based Holistic Education (CBHE) model.
  2. To ensure the quality of education by providing high-standard teacher training, curriculum, modules, teaching tools, educational game tools, story books and literature books for teachers.
  3. To encourage public and non-governmental institutions (individuals or corporate) to play an active role in building the character of Indonesian society. The programme can be adopted by companies or corporations as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Several parties that have been done this program are: ExxonMobil, SCTV Amal Pundi, Ancora Foundation, and many others.


For the Early Childhood Education/Kindergarten and Elementary Schools ranged in poor areas both in urban and rural areas that interested in participating in the SBB program, please contact IHF with the following procedure:

  1. Register school’s name to IHF office for the inclusion in the waiting list. If the sponsor has been determined, IHF will call the registered school.
  2. Prepares 2 teachers to be trained (principal and one teacher) for Early Childhood Education/Kindergarten, and 13 teachers for Elementary School (1 Principal, and 12 teachers grade 1 to 6).
  3. Willing to attend teachers’ training for 10 days for Early Childhood Education/Kindergarten teachers and 12 days for Elementary School teachers (2 rounds @ 6 days).