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Since IHF was founded in 2000 through Character School at the kindergarten level, IHF has developed various programs to expand and accelerate the implementation of CBHE Module or Curriculum for the people of Indonesia through the following programs:

  • Character School from Kindergarten to High School
  • Nation Seedlings Program (SBB)
  • Character Based Holistic Education (CBHE) mass Training
  • Training/Seminar/Workshop of character-based Parenting

IHF Character School

Character School was established first in Cimanggis Depok in 2001 for Kindergarten and gradually advances to Elementary (2004), Junior High School (2008) and Senior High School (2018). In the new academic year of 2019 (July) IHF cooperated with PT Agung Podomoro to open a Character School at Podomoro Tapos Bogor housing complex.

Implementation of Character School Curriculum

  • Character Kindergarten
    The learning process is designed in various interesting themes that are contextual, meaningful and fun for children with activities designed to optimize their potential such as:

    • Imagination through roleplay
    • Design and build
    • Arts and creation
    • Exploring object directly
    • Preparation center (Cognitive Skill Development)
    • Knowing Computer
    • Gardening, Farming, and keeping Fish
    • Praying
  • Elementary – Junior High School – Senior High School Character
Curriculum Implementation Elementary School Junior & Senior High School
  • Refers to the National Curriculum with Several Enrichment
  • Implementation of Integrated Character Education in Every Activity
  • Uses Student Active Learning Method
  • Integrated Learning Method
  • Learning Process is Done with Fieldtrip Related with Learning Theme
  • Applies the Project-Based Learning Method (the Project is in Accordance with the Theme that Encourages Students to Apply Their Current Knowledge)
  • Educates to Give Contribution to Society through Community Service and Homestay Activities
  • Evaluation Uses Portfolio System that Assess the Entire Aspects of the Student’s Learning Development

The development of Character School opening is the proof of the superiority of Character Based Holistic Education (CBHE) curriculum that generates students that are creative, independent, adaptive and equipped with critical thinking and high emotional intelligence. The Kindergarten and Elementary schools on Cimanggis have earned the accreditation score “A” (97 out of a full score of 100).

Character School – Franchising

In order to expand and accelerate the implementation of CBHE, in the near future IHF will open several cooperation opportunities with other parties to establish Schools with CBHE curriculum in the form of Franchising.

Pelatihan Semai Benih Bangsa

While establishing Character kindergarten school in 2001, IHF also established pilot projects of Semai Benih Bangsa (SBB) Kindergarten Schools at Tapos, Cibungbulang and Sukamulya who adopted CBHE curriculum in learning process. At the end of 2003, partnership at SBB program is initiated with local goverment for establishing 10 early childhood Education of SBB in North Aceh, furthermore this partnership is enlarged with corporation involvement and Exxon Mobil supported for this project.

SBB program achievment up to early 2020:

  • Kindergarten and Early Childhood Education:
    • 3800 schools
    • 7600 teacher
  • Elementary School:
    • 824 schools
    • 1648 teacher

All SBB training ‘s participants become member of cummunity forum IGSBB (Ikatan Guru Semai Benih Bangsa)

CBHE Mass Training

CBHE mass training is an effective initiative to speed up enlarge Character Based Holistic Eduction (CBHE) throughout Indonesia since participants of each training are 1000 up to 1500.

CBHE mass training up to early 2020:

  • Total training event 71 session in 66 city / district
  • Participant of CBHE mass training 68.345 teachers from 21.753 schools

Pelatihan Pola Asuh (Parenting) Berbasis Karakter

IHF menyelenggarakan Pelatihan Pola Asuh (Parenting) berbasis Karakter dengan target peserta para tua murid, para orang tua atau masyarakat luas yang peduli kepada pengembangan karakter bangsa.

Pelatihan ini juga ditujukan untuk membentuk Duta Parenting yang memiliki pengetahuan dan ketrampilan pola asuh berbasis karakter selanjutnya akan menyebarkan kepada masyarakat.

Sampai dengan awal Juli 2019 pencapaian Pelatihan Pola Asuh (Parenting) berbasis karakter adalah sebagai berikut:

  • Jumlah Sesi Pelatihan 91 sesi di 42 kota / kabupaten yang didukung 81 sponsor untuk penyelenggaraan 91 Sesi Pelatihan.
  • Jumlah Peserta Pelatihan 25.836 peserta

Pelatihan Duta Pendidikan Holistik dan Pola Asuh

Pelatihan Duta Pendidikan Holistik dan Pola Asuh berbasis Karakter diselenggarakan pertama kali bulan Agustus 2019 diikuti :

  • 31 guru pengurus IGIS SBB dari wilayah kota / kabupaten.

Jangkauan Penerapan PHBK

  • Jumlah Peserta
    • Guru
    • Sekolah / tingkat
  • Jangkauan Wilayah Geografis
    • Kota / Kabupatenupaten
    • Propinsi
    • Pulau

Participants of CBHE Mass Training