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In order to realize the VISION and MISSION of IHF in building the character of the nation, the coverage of Character Based Holistic Education Curriculum should be enjoyed by the people all over Indonesia. The framework of IHF is a strategic step to realize the Vision and Mission by making the 9 Pillars of Characters as the Character of Indonesia through formal education of Character School and CBHE Training.

Vision of Character School

Building Children Character through Character Based Holistic Education

Mission of Character School

Nurturing student with the following characters:

Memiliki akhlak mulia sesuai dengan 9 Pilar Karakter sehingga selalu beramal shaleh dan memberikan nilai tambah kepada lingkungannya

Kritis, analitis, reflektif, berpikir divergen, melihat berbagai sudut pandang, berpikir tingkat tinggi, dan berorientasi pada solusi

Komunikator yang efektif, mudah berdaptasi, mampu bersosialisasi

Antusias, mampu menghadapi tantangan, dan berani mengambil resiko

Learning Method

Learning Environment

Optimal development of gross and fine motor skills, protecting health and stamina.

Implementation of education and learning:

  • DAP (Developmentally Appropriate Practices), learning stages based on age
  • Active Learning
  • Integrated and Thematic
  • Brain-based learning
  • Inquiry-based Learning
  • Contextual
  • Education with real-life practice
  • Learn to Cooperate in a Team
  • Effective Class Management and Positive Communication

Approach of Character Education:

  • Explicit, Systematic and continuously
  • Knowing, reasoning, loving, and acting the good.
  • Integration of Pillars of Characters and Thematic into learning center
  • Utilization of educative games and tools that build characters
  • Storytelling Activities with character series of literatures (more than 120 series)
  • Inviting parents to involve actively

Evaluation System/Scoring

  • Based on portfolio, presentation of work results, essay, self-assessment.

Character School Standard

Recruitment and License of CBHE for teacher

  • Strict selection for Teacher and employee enrollment
  • License of CBHE curriculum for teacher after passing the intensive training, internship which observed comprehensively.

Teacher Competence:

  • High Spirit Teaching
    • Fun learning environment
    • Students were motivated
  • Positive and effective Communication and Interaction with students and their parents
    • Peace and decent situation
    • Each student, with his/her own unique capability, experience the feeling of being loved, respected, appreciated and understood
  • Building Tolerance
    • Tolerance on differences of culture, ethnic group, religion
    • Respect and understand others
  • Motivator for students
    • Addressing failure as a chance to learn better
    • Having a Relentless attitude

School Building

In accordance with CBHE philosophy, the Character School Building is designed to give space for exploration and blend in with nature.

School Management

  • Organization structure
  • School operation system
  • Audit System

Character School Management Model

The first Character School founded by IHF was managed entirely by IHF with its own teachers, equipped with qualified CBHE competence. During its development, many were interested to build Character School using franchising partnership with CBHE model/curriculum as its main base.

Other alternatives of partnership that are being developed for Character School management are as follows:

Building and Infrastructures provided by Partner, the management of Character School will be done entirely by IHF

Building, Infrastructures, management of Character School by Partner, License of CBHE Curriculum and brand name of Character School

Building and Infrastructures School Management by Partner, License of CBHE Curriculum while School Name does not use School Character brand name


Becoming Indonesian Generation that is Successful in Global Competition through Preparation of Educators that are Skillful in Building Students who are Intelligent and Creative.


  • Produces teachers that can prepare students to take part in an era of free competition that are challenging and changing quickly through CBHE model

  • Produces smart and creative teachers

  • Organizes learning process that encourages teacher to be a true learner that is useful, open minded and masters of life skills

  • Organizes an innovative research program

  • Organizes a devotion program to community with added values to the environment

  • Cooperates with Education Institution, Government Institution and Social Institution

 The Curriculum

In order to support Vision and Mission of School of CBHE creating intelligent and creative teachers through Character Based Holistic Education, the Curriculum covers the following 3 subjects:

  • Personality Development ( 11 % from the total credits )
  • Science ( 23 % from the total credits )
  • Skills ( 66 % from the total credits )

With skills as the highest portion, it is expected that graduates could become high skills teachers in implementing CBHE.

The Nation Seedlings Program (SBB)

In order to accelerate and expand the coverage of CBHE curriculum throughout Indonesia, IHF launched the Nation Seedlings Program (SBB) in form of curriculum practice and module of CBHE to teachers from various Kindergartens, Elementary schools or Islamic based elementary schools in numerous areas to give access of quality education that covers the character building in CBHE curriculum to the people all over Indonesia.

Objective of SBB Program

  • Provides access to high-quality education through implementation of Character Based Holistic Education (CBHE) to underprivileged society.
  • Guarantees the high standard of education quality of CBHE curriculum by completing the curriculum module of learning tools, educative games, character story books and literature for teachers or participants of SBB education.
  • The implementation of CBHE module/curriculum can be done after the teachers follow the education of CBHE module/curriculum at the Nation Seedlings Program (SBB).
  • Encourages the society and non-governmental organization (individuals and companies) to take active roles in building the character of Indonesian people by supporting the implementation of SBB program.

Partnership Program

The implementation of SBB Program can be done through IHF source or participation of other partners through sponsors from individuals, companies, organizations or communities. The sponsorship/donation offered by companies, communities or individuals is a 10-12 days training package that covers:

  • Cost of implementation including accommodation participants, training room, instructors.
  • CBHE Module, thematic Learning Plan.
  • Character Books and Reference Books.
  • Educational Games
  • CDs filled with collection of character songs.

The form of the education package can be accommodated according to request from donors or sponsors of SBB education in full or in partial. IHF can also act as the educator to fill in the learning material when collaborating with any educational institution from the Government, Regional Government or Institution and other Organizations caring for the development of State Character.

Procedure to Participate on SBB Program

The education of CBHE module/curriculum for teachers of SBB from various Kindergartens, Elementary schools or Islamic based elementary schools last for 10 days for 2 teachers (Headmaster and 1 Teacher), while teachers for Elementary last for 5 to 8 days for 13 people (a Headmaster and 12 teachers from grade 1 to 6).

Kindergartens, Elementary schools or Islamic based elementary schools who interest on SBB Program may register at IHF will evaluate and decide who is eligible to participate the SBB Program.

Mass CBHE Training

In addition to SBB Program, IHF also held the Mass CBHE Training for 3 days for an average of more than 500 teachers from various Kindergartens, Elementary schools or Islamic based elementary schools in one session. The objective of this Mass CBHE Training is to open teacher’s perception of high quality Character-based Education. The schools who participate the Mass CBHE Training are encouraged to implement CBHE.

The Mass CBHE Trainings are organized as follows:

Program Initiative

  • Initiative from IHF
  • Support from sponsors (Corporate or Organization)
  • Related institution to Education or Regional Government
  • Community organization
  • Communities that cares about Character Education

Training Facilitator

The team from IHF will act as facilitator or instructor to give CBHE training for 3 days.

Facilities, Venues, Training Accommodation

If the Training initiative comes from other parties, then all training facilities are provided by the sponsor or other initiators outside IHF.

Training Materials and Support for CBHE

Trainees may purchase CBHE Modules/Curriculum, Character series books, Literacy story books, Educational Game Tools (APE), Character Pillar Posters, etc.

Information Dissemination and Registration:

  • IHF Character Social Media (FB, IG and WA)
  • Contact SBB schools based on the location of the Mass CBHE Training through text on WA or SMS
  • Any Institution or Organization who plan to join in the Mass CBHE Training may organize the invitation dissemination.

Training/Seminar/Workshop of Character Based Parenting

The training topics of Character-based Parenting covers:

  • Brain-based Parenting
    • Love-based parenting for optimal child growth and development
    • The importance of the child’s first 1000 days
    • Brain Friendly Parenting to plant Children’s Character
    • Forming a Mother-Child Attachment: The Key to a Healthy, Smart and Creative Soul
  • Neuroscience in Character Development
    • Correlation of the Brain Work System with Emotional Control
    • Patterns of Nurture and Education that gave birth to the Creative Generation
    • Positive communication to shape the Character of the Child
    • Stage of Child Moral Development
  • Challenges of Child Parenting in the Digital Age
    • Understand and Overcome the Impact of Video Games (violence or pornography)
    • Protection of children from the danger of violence
  • Motivation
    • Become an Idol Parent
  • Nutrition and Child Development
    • The Importance of Nutrition and Immunization in the mental and physical development of children.

Ambassador of CBHE and Character Based Parenting

All participants of SBB training create a community forum among them, called IGSBB to keep their knowledge and skill of CBHE. To maintain their competencies and quality of CBHE implementation, IHF facilitate advance training for committee of IGSBB. Participants of this advance training are eligible to be consultants and ambassadors of CBHE and Character Based Parenting Implementation. Furthemore they could held an CBHE and parenting training in their areas.