9 Pillars of Characters

To reach our Vision and Mission, Indonesia Heritage Foundation (IHF) has developed a model of Character Based Character Education with the aim of establishing individuals to be able to acquire good character traits and noble through implementation of 9 Pillars of Character that are consistent between their mind, heart, and real action. The CBHE has a unique method and strategy to internalize 9 Pillars of Character and Higher-Order Thinking Skills that are taught to children since their early years until youth.

“Crowd Donation”

to Support CBHE

The rapid expansion of CBHE’s module needs support from stakeholders in order to achieve the dreams of Indonesian’s society that will have good character traits, intelligence, and creativity. IHF is open to all elements of the societies, corporations, organizations and communities to participate and support the Mass Training Program of CBHE by online donation. IHF will manage the gathered funds professionally, accountably and responsibly and will accomplish all rules and regulations set by the Ministry of Social Affairs of Indonesia.



To achieve acceleration and expansion of CBHE’s curriculum application in every part of Indonesia, IHF has established an SBB’s program in the form of curriculum and CBHE’s module training for teachers from various Kindergartens, Elementary schools or Islamic based elementary schools in numerous areas all over Indonesia so that individuals from all backgrounds in the society can have a quality education to develop character written in CBHE’s curriculum.

Character Based Parenting

The future of the nation is highly dependent to the ability of preparing its next generation for the forthcoming times. That view is closely related to how parenting is applied in family which is the smallest entity of a nation yet important to develop an advance, character and prosperous nation.

CBHE’s effect will be maximized if every family apply the early childhood parenting model which maximize the “attachment and affection of mother and children” that will eventually be beneficial for children’s physical and mental health and children’s spirituals that will be brought until their adulthood. To achieve Character Based Parenting, IHF also hold training for character-based parenting for student’s parents and wide communities.


Participants of CBHE Mass Training 2016 – 2020

16,00 Tahun 2016
Jawa Timur sebagai provinsi dengan peserta terbanyak (1.855 peserta).
20,000 Tahun 2017
Jawa Barat sebagai provinsi dengan peserta terbanyak (2.026 peserta).
18,0 Tahun 2018
Banten sebagai provinsi dengan peserta terbanyak (1.818 peserta).
35,0 Tahun 2019
Lampung sebagai provinsi dengan peserta terbanyak (2.690 peserta).
2,0 Tahun 2020
Mataram sebagai kota/kabupaten dengan peserta terbanyak (1221 peserta).
0 Tahun 2022



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