Dr. Ratna Megawangi and Dr. Sofyan A. Djalil established Yayasan Warisan Nilai Luhur Indonesia, also known as Indonesia Heritage Foundation (IHF), in June 2000. IHF is a nonprofit organization focusing on character-building and improving the quality of education. The establishment of IHF was motivated by the eagerness to create solutions toward why people who already know and understand morals and ethics do not show behavior in accordance with those moral and ethical principles.

We realize that the biggest challenge with education in Indonesia facing the 21st century is building the national character and designing a creative generation with Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). Therefore, IHF has established research and development of The Nine Pillars of Character and education strategy called Character Based Holistic Education (CBHE).


Building a nation with good character, intelligence, and creativity. 


The IHF’s Policy Statements

IHF Values

Pillar Character

We are committed to establish 9 Pillars of Character in our work and personal lives.


We appreciate the differences and uniqueness of every person.


We think positively, walk the talk, and are reliable.


We demonstrate care, respect, and wholehearted service.

Youthful Spirit

We are creative, agile, and passionate about learning new things.

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