Character values are universal kindness believed to create human beings with character, intelligence, and creativity. Each 9 of Pillars Characters contains a group of similar character traits.

The inculcation of 9 Pillars of characters in IHF applies the method of knowing the good, reasoning the good, feeling the good, loving the good, and acting the good. This strategy inculcates character in line with how the brain works and how the heart feels so students are willing to act based on character value with their internal motivation.

cinta tuhan p1
Love for God and All of His Creation

Loving God Almighty and all his creation with thankfulness and prayers, along with loving, caring, and protecting nature (human beings, animals, plants, and environments).

mandiri disiplin3 pilar2
Independent, Discipline and Responsible

Independence is shown by maximizing all capabilities to perform various activities with discipline and responsibility.

jujur amanah berkata bijak
Honesty, Reliable and Speak Wisely
  • Honesty is shown through words, not using or taking the claim and possession of others, and bravely admitting his fault when proven.
  • Reliable or can be trusted is shown by keeping his promises, delivering the message, or what is entrusted to him to the rightful owner appropriately and responsibly.
  • Speak wisely is shown by always speaking what is good, wise, decent, and honest without hurting or shaming others and by thinking deeply before speaking.
hormat santun pendengar yg baik2
Respectful, Decency and Good Listener
  • Respect and obedience are shown by respecting parents, teachers, leaders, and others who should be respected without looking at their race, religion, and age, as well as obeying the law and regulations.
  • Decency is shown by making himself get used to saying Thank You, Excuse Me, Please, and Pardon for every activity that is relevant to those words he asked politely.
  • A good listener is shown when talking to someone by giving his full attention, looking into his eyes, and not interrupting.
dermawan suka menolong kerjasama
Generous, Helpful, and Team Player
  • Generous and helpful are shown in order to be fond of being able to help anyone, sharing in any form (not limited to material wealth), putting others first, and providing facilities or comfort to those in need, such as elders, pregnant women, and a woman carrying her children in public facilities when on the train, bus or others.
  • Being able to cooperate is shown through openness to share roles and duties and supporting each other in an activity to achieve mutual objectives.
percaya diri kreatif pantang menyerah
Confidence, Creative and Relentless
  • Being confident is shown through the ability to lead, compete pretty, dare to step forward, and express himself positively.
  • Being creative is shown through the ability to set objectives, hopes, and dreams as well as striving by any specific, unique, and measurable methods to achieve his objectives, hopes, and dreams also strives maximally to seek solutions to issues and challenges faced.
  • Relentless is a series of characters, including confidence and creativity, that will push someone to have a fighting spirit and hold on to reach objectives.
A Good and Just Leader

A good and just leader is shown through his ability to take the initiative in leading, showing by example, being protective, doing good and encouraging goodness and being a guardian, acting reasonably, admitting his mistakes, giving a chance to others to perform, and take the lead, open for cooperation and share any mutual success.

baik dan rendah hati
Kind and Humble

Kind and humble are shown by showing appreciation, being happy to help, always being kind and showing kindness, apologizing and forgiving others, spreading smiles, and not being arrogant.

toleran bersatu
Tolerant, Peace-Loving, and Unity
  • Tolerance is shown by respecting the differences of ethnic groups, religions, and cultures, respecting other’s faith, religions, and places of worship, not pushing their own will, and not constantly feeling right and good.
  • Peace-loving is shown with behavior that promotes peace, forgiveness, and patience.
  • Unity is realized when Tolerance and Peace-Loving attitudes are combined, breeding a character fond of unity and alliance.
K4 (Keeping clean, Keeping Tidy, Keeping Health, Keeping safe)

Cleanliness, tidiness, health, and safety is a physical realization of values that promotes cleanliness, tidiness, health, and safety.

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