Soft Closing Of PPA 4 Program: Message Of Love For Partner Schools

IHF/Teuku Zulman Sangga Buana IHF.OR.ID, Depok — The Training and SBB Division of the Indonesia Heritage Foundation (IHF), held a soft closing of the Grand

Character School Receives Visits From Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) Students

IHF.OR.ID, DEPOK — The Cimanggis Character School received a visit from students from Faculty of Education (FIP) of  Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) on Tuesday, March

Character Education: Effort to Align Behavior with Moral Principles

IHF/Maulady Virdausy Fahmy  "Don't say 'kah', but say 'droeneuh'." In Acehnese, the word 'kah' means 'you' in a coarse sense, while the word 'droeneuh' also

SBB Kebayunan Parenting Sharing Presents Famous Children’s Books Author

IHF/MM IHF.OR.ID, DEPOK –Tuesday, February 29 2024, Ancora Foundation held a parenting sharing at SBB Kebayunan, Depok by presenting the famous children’s book author from

Study Visit of IPB University Postgraduate Students to the Sekolah Karakter

IHF/Ari Saptarini IHF.OR.ID, DEPOK – In order to enrich the material in the Integrative Holistic Education course, students of the Master of Science Program in

The Importance of Developing Moral Reasoning in Children

IHF/Maulady Virdausy Fahmy The moral problems currently occurring in Indonesia are quite complex. Cases of deviant moral behavior are becoming more frequent. Moral deviations are

2024 Character Family Festival: Thousands Of IHF Families Celebrate Family Gathering At Lido Music And Art Center

IHF/MM IHF.OR.ID, BOGOR REGENCY – Sekolah Karakter Committee, Sekolah Karakter, and Indonesia Heritage Foundation (IHF) held the 2024 Character Family Festival at Lido Music and

Why Can Each Person Be Different in Understanding and Drawing Conclusions?

Photo: Freepic Let’s get to know about the term ‘need for cognitive closure’ or NFC. In psychology, this term can explained the reason why each

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