Semai Benih Bangsa (SBB)

The Semai Benih Bangsa (SBB) program provides access to high-quality education through the application of the CBHE model for various groups in Indonesia. The characteristics and advantages of SBB lie in appropriate and fun teaching and learning activities with an emphasis on character building, critical and creative thinking, and skills.

Teachers who participated in the SBB program also received tools for implementing the CBHE model, such as the 9 Pillars of Character Module, CBHE Module, learning media, character storybooks, and educational game tools. SBB schools have produced students who have critical thinking skills and high character quality as well as true learners who are equal to students from schools with more complete facilities and infrastructure.



SBB schools are spread across various regions with details of 5,856 SBB at the early childhood education level and 751 SBB at the elementary school level.

“I have witnessed IHF activities for more than ten years. The presence of IHF in character education brings a light of hope for the character building of Indonesia’s young generation. Doesn’t the progress of a nation depend a lot on the character values of that nation? Looking at the development and condition of our nation so far, it is an urgent need for us to build an education system that can create a noble, intelligent, and innovative generation.”

Supramu Santosa, Founder of Supreme Energy


Numerous online and offline training has been conducted for hundreds of thousands of participants across Indonesia to promote the CBHE model and produce teachers and human resources who are creative, have higher order thinking skills, and with good character. The various trainings attended by teachers, parents, and the general public include Intensive CBHE Training, Grand Training, and Parenting Training.

Intensive CBHE Training

We shared our hands-on experience at the IHF Character School by organizing Intensive CBHE Training for teachers in various districts and cities in Indonesia.



Intensive CBHE Training were conducted. There were 295 training sessions for the early childhood education level and 70 training sessions for the elementary school level.

“Preparing a smart, competitive, and growing generation is our goal. The IHF training is a smart solution to stimulate and motivate teachers to provide more effective learning activities for Indonesia’s young generation. Hopefully, this activity can continue to be implemented so that it can provide more benefits for teachers throughout Indonesia. Success IHF!”

— Lulu Ma’rufah, training participant from Kebumen, Central Java

Grand Training

To accelerate the spread of the CBHE model, IHF made a breakthrough by conducting a three-day mass training in various cities and regencies in Indonesia. The participants in each training reached thousands of people.

A total of 108 Grand Training at the early childhood education and primary school levels were organized with a total number of participants of 



Grand Training Participants for the 2018-2020 Period

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During the pandemic we did not organize the Grand Training. We focused on various online trainings, especially the Grand CBHE Program (PPA) with hundreds to thousands of participants (the most was 6,987 participants).

“It is clear to us that knowledge alone is not enough to lead our children to face an increasingly competitive world. Children need skills and character values that are very important to sustain their success in life. Thank you so much IHF for influencing me through Grand Training in Batam.” 

Zuwaeriyya Handayani, Grand Training participant from Batam, Riau Islands

Parenting Training

The parenting training was conducted online and offline to harmonize the implementation of character education at school and character education at home. In addition to being attended by parents, teachers, and the general public, this activity was also attended by women’s organizations, such as Dharma Wanita, Family Empowerment and Welfare (PKK), and the Organization for Solidarity Action of the Advanced Indonesia Cabinet Era (OASE-KIM).

Since 2016, Parenting Training has been organized 160 times with a total of 



“Thank you very much to the entire IHF team who have given me their extraordinary knowledge. As a new teacher and mother-to-be, I need knowledge about proper learning for children. After attending this training, God willing, I can minimize mistakes in teaching and educating children.”

Tiyan Purwanti, Grand Training participant from Sorong, Southwest Papua

Character School

We established Character School (playgroup, kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school) as a pilot school and center for implementing and developing the Character-Based Holistic Education (CBHE) model. Character School is also a place of observation for assisted schools and other schools throughout Indonesia that want to adopt the CBHE model.

Character School is a testament to the excellence of implementating Character-Based Holistic Education (CBHE) by producing students who are critical, creative, characterized, and have high curiosity. To date, Character School has impacted more than 8,000 students and 16,000 parents, as well as the communities where students and graduates of Character School live, study, and work.

“The development of Indonesia Heritage Foundation (IHF) with the Character-Based Holistic Education (CBHE) method is extraordinary. CBHE is an effective educational method for developing children’s potential as a whole (so that) they become critical, creative, and noble children. The implementation of CBHE is carried out through training for teachers because teachers are the main key to producing a generation of moral leaders.”  

 Abdullah Fawzy Siddik, Commissioner of PT Orindo Alam Ayu (Oriflame)

Study on the CBHE Model Success

The following studies show the results of implementing the CBHE model in Character School and the assisted schools.

Character-Based Holistic Education (CBHE) Module

As total as


CBHE modules have been published and disseminated.

IHF continues to print and disseminate CBHE modules. The modules, which contain lesson plans, consist of:

IHF Products

We provide storybooks, literacy books, educational game tools, and other learning media. The media supporting the development of the CBHE model are adapted to the age of children’s growth, based on character values, and related to education, parenting, and child development.

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