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The philosophy of holistic education is a process of learning that develop individuals comprehensively whereas all dimensions develop in a balance manner and optimal, including the development of individual consciousness that he or she is part of the family, school, environment, society and global community.

CBHE is an education program that develop all dimension of individuals, and not only focusing on academics but also physical, emotional, spiritual, creativity and other aspects.

Holistic Person Aspect

The Qualities of a Holistic Character Development

Always curious and inquires

The human nature to always be curious and ask questions are well developed and thus generate the interest to keep studying until old age.

Thinking critically and creatively

  • Capable of seeing problems from various angles to make wise decisions and solving complex issues.
  • Capable of gathering and analyzing information and making critical evaluation.

Have great knowledge

  • Have strong interest in relevant and important global issues and therefore encouraging the habit to keep reading and exploring their interests.
  • Have great Knowledge on many things but still humble.

Effective communicator

  • Capable of expressing thoughts and feelings effectively both verbally and in written.
  • Capable of communicating various information confidently and convincingly based on their own knowledge.

Dare to take risk

  • Always optimistic and confident, dare to face new challenges.
  • Dare to try new ideas and strategy in facing current challenges and obstacles.

Open to differences and new ideas

  • Respect different values and traditions and understand that people have different stories.
  • Always consider the differences that occur (opinion, value, cultural tradition) when making decisions.

Caring for others and for the environment

  • Caring for others and their needs as well as for the environment (social, economy and nature).
  • Have a commitment towards social activities and always add values to the environment they are living.

Have a moral integrity Have a strong principle in moral and honesty and being objective and fair.

Spiritually conscious

  • Fully aware that he is part of something greater and understand that anything he does might affect the environment.
  • Capable of seeing his own positive/negative aspects and have a great connection with God, men and nature.
  • Have compassion and caring for people and nature.

CBHE Approach

Approuch The CBHE model or curriculum is focused on explicitly and continuously forming all aspects of human dimensions that are in relation with all human activities, which formulated based on the following approaches:

  • Student Active Learning
  • Integrated Learning (thematic, integrated)
  • Developmentally Appropriate Practices
  • Contextual Learning
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Brain-based Learning
  • Multiple Intelligences

  • Creating an effective and fun learning situation
  • Developing all aspects of human dimensions holistically

A man with character who thinks creatively and intelligently.

Character education can be integrated into all disciplines from Early Childhood Education/Kindergarten to High School.

CBHE Methodology

Development of Holistic Dimension

All of human potential will developed holistically and in balance.

  • The optimal work of the brains, cognitively, logically, analytically, thus creativity, intuition, social-emotional and spirituality that are clearly drawn in the module and whole school activities.
  • The optimal work of the brains, cognitively, logically, analytically, thus creativity, intuition, social-emotional and spirituality that are clearly drawn in the module and whole school activities.
  • Student will be able to express themselves verbally, through pictures, games, written words or anything else.
  • To promote self-confident and effort to learn
  • Learning environment that is comfortable, challenging, and joyful.

Social Interaction

To develop strong emotional bonding between teacher and student, and amongst students so they will have sense of community and belonging

  • To gain trustfulness, security and comfortable feeling within the classroom.
  • To create a good perception of the students that learning is fun so they will love the learning process and will become a lifelong learner.

Character Based Thematic-Integrative Learning

The use of module and teaching tools which developmentally appropriate for children.

  • Thematic-Integrated learning
  • To give concrete and contextual learning experiences through hands-on activities and project based learning.
  • Lesson Plan that integrated with pillars of character.
  • Enhance student to learn actively, fun and without any burden
  • To develop the feeling of capable and confident
  • To promote cooperative learning amongst students.

Development of Good Character Traits

The 9 Pillars of Character implementation through knowing, feeling, loving and acting the good, both explicit or implicit within the whole learning process.

  • To develop friendly classroom environment and bullying free.
  • To develop togetherness and unity in diversity of tribes, religion and race.
  • To develop sense of environmental care to human, community and nature.

IHF provides ready-to-use CBHE Curriculum Training material for kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school educators / teachers in implementing the CBHE curriculum. Training material for teachers includes applicable knowledge aimed at shaping teacher competencies and abilities in the following matters:

  • Creating a fun, challenging and comfortable environment to study.
  • Creating a peaceful and safe environment for the students so they can feel that they are being honored, respected and loved.

  • The communication and interaction activities are done effectively and politely with students and their parents.

  • Understanding the unique and diverse competence of all students, individually, to grow their confidence, motivation, creativity, independence, positive disciplinary.

  • Growing tolerance on the diversity of culture, ethnic groups and religion)

Curriculum CBHE

IHF develops and prepares CBHE curriculum modules for Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High School education by implementing learning that can create an effective, enjoyable learning atmosphere and can develop all aspects of the human dimension holistically. The character education module is not an independent discipline, but is related to all life activities so that it can be integrated into all academic subjects.

CBHE Supporting Books

IHF publishes books that can support the implementation and learning of CBHE curriculum as follows:

  • 9 Pillar Character Books
    Suitable for kindergarten up early years of elementary school

  • Literacy Story Books
    These series is suitable for Kindergarten 1 up to early years of elementary school childern. It consists of segment early literacy continuum from letters, syllables, words, short sentence until longer sentences with their variation.

  • Series of Character Education Books
    Describe practical guide to promote and apply character education on daily basis.

  • Reference Books
    These books can be reference for teacher and parents to understand and enrich their knowledge about CBHE, therefore the teacher and parents can cooperate well to apply CBHE optimaly to the students and event make a bigger impact.

Teaching Aids and Educational Games

IHF also designs a variety of teaching aids and educational games that support the holistic learning process so that students will more easily digest the learning process and create a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Poster (Thematic poster, character pillar poster)

  • DVD (Teaching practices, models of character application in the classroom training materials, etc)
  • CD (Training material CBHE, character songs)

  • Teaching Aids and Educational Games

An important factor in the success of Character-Based Holistic Education (CBHE) is the involvement of parents or families from an early age that can form children who are characterized, intelligent and creative. In addition to the CBHE model / curriculum, IHF also developed a Character-Based Parenting Model that includes a variety of knowledge about:

Kelekatan ibu Anak

Ratna Megawangi Ph.D

  • Attachment as a Foundation for Peaceful and Prosperous Society
  • Attachment and Its Formation Mechanism
  • The Mechanism of Healthy Personal Development Through Good Attachment
  • The Establishment of Insecurity
  • The Impact of Attachment on Early Years with Adulthood Behavior
  • The Chemical Aspect of Attachment and The Impact in Children’s Brain Development
  • Some Tips To Support Good Attachment
  • The Implication of Policy and Program

Pola Asuh Berbasis Kasih Sayang

Ratna Megawangi Ph.D

  • Believe Me My Child, The Seed of Gold Lies Inside You
  • Present God Within Your Peaceful Heart
  • You can do it, My Child
  • Discipline, A Bridge towards Successful
  • Creativity Leads to Great Creation
  • Justice and Honesty is The Light of Life
  • Find Your Happiness by Loving The Good
  • Reach the Highest Status of Humanity through Tolerance and Humility
  • The Best Role Model is Like String of Beautiful Flowers
  • Have a Bright Mind and Kind Heart

Pola Asuh (Parenting Ramah Otak)
untuk pembentukan karakter positif

Ratna Megawangi Ph.D
Rachma Dewi
Florence Yulisinta Jusung
Melinda Hariyanti R Kusharto

  • Parents as The Architect of Their Child’s Brain
  • The Impact of Parenting to The Brain Development
  • Main Recipe of Parenting: Love Hormones
  • The Impact of Unfriendly Parenting : Lack of Love Hormones
  • Examples of Brained Based Pattern

Pemahaman Perkembangan Anak
(aspek fisik, motorik, kognitif, emosi, sosial, moral dan spiritual secara holistik).

Ratna Megawangi Ph.D
Tina Sugiharti
Edianna Putri Mayang Sari
Dina Evanita
Andriansyah Adha Pratama

  • Human Brain Structure
  • The Tactful Captain Neo
  • The Bad Guy Reptile
  • Train The Winning Brain
  • Example of Student’s Activity
  • Testimony
    “The Human Action is controlled by the act of neocortex, limbic and brain stem within their brain. Children need to understand this, so they will aware to optimize every part of their brain which can promote good act and their best achievement”.

The initiative to implement Character-Based Parenting is realized with the following activities:

  • Training, seminars or workshops for parents
  • Formation of Parenting Ambassadors
    The Ambassador of Fostering received training from IHF in order to have good knowledge and skills in educating children that support children’s development optimally and subsequently spread their skills and knowledge to the community.
  • Intellectual Property Rights (HKI) of 9 Pillars of Characters and Character Based Holistic Education (CBHE) The 9 Pillars of Characters and Character Based Holistic Education (CBHE) are concepts that comprehensively define noble Character and the method to realize the character of the nation through Education and are the results of intellectual creation of thoughts and development from Dr Ratna Megawangi and Dr Sofyan Djalil, founders of IHF. Therefore, the Intellectual Property Rights (HKI) of 9 Pillars of Characters and CBHE have been listed at the Ministry of LAW and HUMAN RIGHTS of the Republic of Indonesia since June 16, 2009.
  • Character Based Holistic Education Model / Curriculum (CBHE) Carolyn Wignall, Education Consultant from the UK “Character Based Holistic Education(CBHE) model developed by IHF is compatible with International Primary Curriculum”.
  • The Nation Seedlings Program (SBB) Prof. Jerry Aldridge, from the University of Alabama, USA “SBB program is one of the best Early Childhood Education Program in the world“. (Delivered after observing for 4 months in 2010)