As an effort to realize the vision and mission of the foundation to produce human beings of character who develop holistically, we developed the Character-Based Holistic Education (CBHE) model. IHF establishes formal schools from early childhood education, elementary school, junior high school, high school, to university level as pilot schools in implementing and developing the CBHE model. We also facilitate schools that want to adopt the CBHE model through the Semai Benih Bangsa (SBB) program.

In order to disseminate the CBHE model throughout Indonesia, IHF organized various trainings, seminars and workshops, both at IHF and in various districts and cities in Indonesia. Various parties also supported and actively involved in the implementation of these programs.


optimal development of fine and gross motor skills, maintaining stamina and health.


encompasses mental well-being, the ability to manage stress, self-discipline to refrain from negative actions, self-confidence, willingness to take risks, and empathy.

Social and Cultural

learning to enjoy work, teamwork, social skills, caring about social issues, having a social spirit, being responsible, respecting others, understanding cultural differences and customs, and adhering to applicable rules


ability to express oneself through various productive activities (such as music, art, and innovative thinking) and finding appropriate solutions to various problems.


ability to find meaning and purpose in life, self-reflection, understanding life’s mission as an integral part of a living system, and maintaining a reverent attitude towards all of God’s creations.


logical thinking, proficiency in language and writing, the ability to pose critical questions, and drawing conclusions from various known information.

Characteristics of Holistically Developed Humans


Possessing a natural curiosity and the inclination to ask questions, fostering a lifelong love of learning.

Critical and Creative Thinkers
Effective Communicator
Risk Taker

Upholding moral principles, honesty, and maintaining objectivity and fairness.

Spiritual Awareness

Approach and Methodology

The CBHE model focuses on shaping all aspects of the human dimension explicitly, continuously, and in relation to all life activities. This model is based on the latest educational approaches and methodologies that are relevant to student development. 

The CBHE model focuses on creating an effective and enjoyable learning atmosphere. It can also be adapted and integrated with other subjects and school types.

Holistic Dimension Development

All human dimensions are developed in a holistic and balanced manner.

Emotional Interaction

Builds strong emotional bonding between teachers and students and between students so that there is a sense of community and belonging.

Positive Character Building

Planting the 9 Pillars of Character through the process of knowing, reasoning, loving, and acting the good, both explicitly and implicitly (integrated in the entire learning process).

Character-Based Integrative and Thematic

Use of modules and teaching aids that are appropriate to the child’s developmental stage.

Legality and Recognition

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of 9 Pillars of Character and Character-Based Holistic Education (CBHE)

9 Pillars of Character and Character-Based Holistic Education Model (CBHE) are the intellectual works of thought and development of Dr. Ratna Megawangi and Dr. Sofyan Djalil, the founders of IHF. The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of 9 Pillars of Character and CBHE model have been registered at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia since June 16, 2009.

Character Based Holistic Education (CBHE) Model

“Character Based Holistic Education (CBHE) model developed by IHF is compatible with International Primary Curriculum” Carolyn Wignall, Education Consultant from UK

Semai Benih Bangsa (SBB) Program

“SBB program is one of the best Early Childhood Education Program in the world.” Prof. Jerry Aldridge, from the University of Alabama, USA, delivered after observing IHF for 4 months in 2010.

Development of CBHE Supporting Media

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