IHF.OR.ID, DEPOK — The Cimanggis Character School received a visit from students from Faculty of Education (FIP) of  Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) on Tuesday, March 19, 2024. The visit of four UNJ students was to see the implementation of national education standard based on Government Regulation of Republic of Indonesia Number 57 of 2021 at the Character School.

The Elementary School Teacher Education Study Program (PGSD) students were received directly by the Principal of Cimanggis Character Elementary School, Trias Syaifulina, in the Meeting Room, Indonesia Heritage Foundation (IHF). Deputy Principal of Cimanggis Character Elementary School for Facilities and Infrastructure, Nurmalasari, also welcomed their arrival.

On that occasion, the students explained that the visit was part of the Education Management course. In a discussion session, lasting approximately two hours, they asked and listened to explanation regarding the national education standards implemented by Character School, such as management standards, funding standards, facilities and infrastructure standards, standards for educators and education staff, content standards, process standards, and standard competence of graduates.

IHF/Maulady Virdausy Fahmy

Four students of UNJ, Dwi Hartati, Khansa Ihtisyam Varathi, Reiva Salsabila, dan Sri Rahayu Ningsih were discussing with representative Character School and IHF in Meeting Room.

Regarding facilities and infrastructure standards, students question were answered and explained directly by Ahmad Sugianto, as IHF Housekeeping and Maintenance Staff.

The students also toured to several Character School classes, including Class 1 Pukis, Class 2 Lapis, and Class 4 Cemplon. One of the students expressed her positive impression of the Character School.

“Desk arrangement are arranged in group of 4–5 students, where the class atmosphere is made as comfortable as possible. Good lighting and equipped with air conditioning. The children’s conditioning is done well, the schedule is scheduled or clear,” said Dwi Hartati.

IHF/Maulady Virdausy Fahmy

The students toured to Character Scholl classes.

Visiting schools is a refreshing activity for students amidst busy campus activities. Apart from that, by visiting the school, students can see firsthand how the theory they learn in lectures is put into practice.

IHF/Teuku Zulman Sangga Buana

Group photo in front of IHF Building.

Translator: Ratna Safitri
Reporter: Teuku Zulman Sangga Buana
Editor: Dewanti Nurcahyani

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