IHF.OR.ID, BOGOR REGENCY – Sekolah Karakter Committee, Sekolah Karakter, and Indonesia Heritage Foundation (IHF) held the 2024 Character Family Festival at Lido Music and Art Center (LMAC), Bogor Regency, on March 2, 2024. This family gathering (famgath) activity was attended by parents, students and teachers, IHF staff, as well as invited guests.

The event with the theme “Super Family, Character Family” took place from 7 am. While waiting for the event to start, participants can enjoyed the atmosphere of the LMAC area, photobooth, and bouncy castle for children.

Welcoming speech is one of the activities in the 2024 Character Family Festival. Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Jimmy Erick Prasetyo, in his opening speechand at the same time conveyed a report that there were thousands of participants attended this famgath event. The long awaited big event. He also invited the participants to celebrate this event with joy.


“After a long time, we have been waiting for this event after five years, the last time it was held in Sentul. Finally, we able to gather 3,000 people at this location. Amazing, thank you for the presence. We would like to thank the entire committee, committee members, for their extraordinary efforts. With all the jokes, laughter, and tears, for approximately five years,” he said.

Furthermore, IHF Founder, Mr. Sofyan Djalil, who was present together with Mrs. Ratna Megawangi, and one of their sons, Mr. Muhammad Luthfi Djalil, opened the biggest IHF famgath event so far.


“I think this is a good tradition that was organized by the School Committee […] parents so that we can gather together. Because we are so big, we probably no longer know each other,” he said.

Mr. Sofyan hopes that the children who have been entrusted to the Sekolah Karakter will have good character that are in line with what they have aspired to and will have a bright future.

“Hopefully our children will become children with a good character who will survive in a future that is increasingly competitive, uncertain, and changing very quickly. Therefore, hopefully the children at Sekolah Karakter will be prepared to face a future that we don’t know what will happen when they grow up. But, most importantly, we will prepare them with a good character. In that way, they will survive and ‘excel’ in their respective/own world,” he added.

Various Exciting and Enjoyable Activities


Various exciting activities presented at the 2024 Character Family Festival. The participants who attended enjoyed the Club Collaboration Performance dan Eco Friendly Orcestra performed by the Sekolah Karakter students. Beside that, participants also took part in various games, namely “Anti Nge-lag” (Anti Lag), “Gerbang Akhir” (Final Gate), “Eh… Kok Bisa?” (How Come?), “Dragon Ball”, and “Pelan-Pelan Pak Sopir” (Slowly, Mr. Driver).

Time passed quickly, after break the event continued with fun show, namely Teacher and Staff Performances, Announcement of the Most Compact Class, Grand Prize for Appreciation of IHF Teacher and Staff, Got Talent Characters, and Bazaar. The participants also invited to the supporting arena with various fun activity, such as paper craft workshop, painting and playing kites, test drives, and skin checks.

This event was also enlivened by various sponsor booth from several companies and also UMKM which were the aim of attracting participants on the sidelines of the event. 

Souvenir, Door Prize, and Grand Prize


Lots of gifts. That is one thing that describes the 2024 Character Family Festival family gathering event. At the event, each participant received a unique souvenir tumbler. Also, participants received attractive door prizes and grand prizes, including portable cupboards, sofa covers, hijabs, electric bicycles, refrigerators, TVs, hotel vouchers, dispensers, and washing machines. Very exciting, right?

2024 Character Family Festival closed and finished at 2.30 pm.

Translator: Ratna Safitri
 Teuku Zulman Sangga Buana
Editor: Dewa Nurcahyani

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