IHF.OR.ID, BALIGE – The Toba Samosir Regency Government, through the Education Office, is holding a grand training for Early Childhood Education (PAUD) teachers based on character education and a scientific approach. Local committee, Sarinah Parapat, said that education for early childhood is needed nowadays because early childhood education really helps children’s thinking and morals. For that reason, training for teachers is very helpful to be able to implement it in each region.

“The target of this education is all teaching staff involved at an early age, like kindergarten teachers, Sunday School teachers, and preschool teachers,” she said on Saturday (February 24th, 2018) at Auditorium SMKN 1 Balige.

The same thing was conveyed by Mangatur Marpaung, Principal of Yaspi Kindergarten (TK Yaspi) who was involved as a local committee member. He said the program being held was a program of the Ministry of Education. After this training, the teachers are trained to become special teachers. 

“This is called special teachers. They are trained to become priority teachers who will nurture children at early age, such as preschool teachers or Sunday school teachers,” he explained, saying the number of participants was around 400.

According to this IGTKP member, the training was held for three days, starting on Thursday until Saturday, February 22nd–24th, 2018. The educational material had been provided by the central committee. The education material are character education practices and a scientific approach that is successful in building morals, critical thinking and children creativity, the dangers of pornography, principles of character-based holistic learning, scientific approaches in early childhood, and motivational training.

“Later, this training will be closed directly by the Head of the Toba Samosir Education Service,” he explained. He also mentioned that the opening was carried out by the wife of the Minister of Lands, together with the Tobasa preschool mother, Ms. Darwin Siagian Boru Aruan.

Translator: Ratna Safitri
: Teuku Zulman Sangga Buana


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