IHF.OR.ID, CIANJUR – The earthquake that hit Cianjur, West Java, caused severe damage and received widespread coverage from various media, including well-known foreign media, such as Associated Press and BBC—assistance from multiple parties for the victims affected by the disaster until today.

Indonesia Heritage Foundation (IHF), through the Ready to Respond Movement (GESIT) of Character School, also held a fundraising event focused on helping IHF’s Semai Benih Bangsa (SBB) schools in the Cianjur area that were affected by the disaster. The funds collected amounted to 28.5 million rupiahs. Parents and students of Sekolah Karakter donated the funds.

The GESIT team, led by Mrs. Dian Anggraeni Tri Astuti as the GESIT Advisor, handed over the aid directly to Cianjur on Friday, December 23, 2022.

“Hopefully, the blessing comes from sincerity, our love for all our brothers and sisters. But, Insha Allah, this is from the parents and students of the character school,” said Mrs. Dian.

The funds collected were handed over to SBB-SBB, both those with mild, moderate, and severe impacts.

“May the teachers in Cianjur and their students always be protected by Allah subhanahu wa taala. Always in good health and still able, happy, learning, and grateful despite disasters. This is a lesson, a reminder that we must always prepare ourselves for whatever happens later,” added Mrs. Dian.

Representing the SK and SM schools of Cianjur Regency, the Principal of Anggrek PAUD SBB, Mrs. Cucu Kartika, expressed her gratitude to IHF.

“Thank you to IHF for caring so much about us who were hit by the earthquake on November 21, 2022. Thank you to the parents and students of the Character School who have cared for us. May all good deeds be rewarded many times over by the Almighty,” he said.

The handover activity at PAUD Tunas Bangsa was also attended by the Secretary of the Association of Early Childhood Educators and Education Personnel (HIMPAUDI) of Cianjur Regency, Mrs. Lilus Karmila.

“We have received the assistance. So, God willing, the assistance will be useful for us. So, on behalf of the Partner School from Cianjur Regency, thank you, jazakallahu khairan katsiran,” said Mrs. Lilus to the reporter.

Reporter: Teuku Zulman Sangga Buana

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