IHF.OR.ID, TAPOS – Semai Benih Bangsa (SBB) or Tapos PAUD, in collaboration with the Training Division and SBB Indonesia Heritage Foundation (IHF), once again held a garage sale on Wednesday, December 21, 2022. The activity, in the SBB Tapos yard located in Tapos Village, Tapos District, Depok Regency, West Java Province, took place from 08.30 to 10.30 Western Indonesian Time and aimed to establish a relationship between the managers and teachers of SBB Tapos and residents in the neighborhood around the school.

Various types of goods were available. For example, tunics, blouses, dresses, headscarves, shirts, batik clothes, shoes, bags, jackets, and masks. The prices offered were relatively cheap and varied, from one thousand rupiahs, two thousand rupiahs, five thousand rupiahs to ten thousand rupiahs.

This bazaar received a warm welcome from parents, the public, and even children in the neighborhood. This activity was held for the second time and was organized with support and donations from the teachers, staff, and the big family of IHF. In addition, it was also supported by the parents of the students as well as the management and teachers of SBB Tapos.

Short Talk Show, Festival, and Doorprize

The event’s opening was filled with a short talk show about the profile of SBB Tapos with Mrs. Nurasiah or Bu Enung.

“Alhamdulillah, as explained earlier. SBB Tapos has been established since 2000. SBB Tapos is distinguished from other schools because we prioritize children playing while learning. The age of children is the age of play, the golden age. So, we emphasize playing, but in playing, we are learning,” said Bu Enung.

“The learning method uses the CBHE module. CBHE is Character-Based Holistic Education. SBB Tapos is also open to the public, not just for Muslims,” she added.

Unlike the previous bazaar, this time, the bazaar was also accompanied by a festival with three competitions, such as coloring, drawing, and arranging story competitions. About thirty children enthusiastically participated in the competitions. In addition, at the end of the event, nine visitors received door prizes after successfully answering questions about SBB Tapos’ profile and the world of children.

SBB Tapos was founded by Mrs. Sri Lestari in 2000 and is a pilot project of IHF’s SBB program. The SBB program aims to provide access for underprivileged communities to high-quality early childhood education by applying the Character-Based Holistic Education (CBHE) model.

Reporter: Teuku Zulman Sangga Buana

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