IHF.OR.ID, DEPOK –Tuesday, February 29 2024, Ancora Foundation held a parenting sharing at SBB Kebayunan, Depok by presenting the famous children’s book author from East Java, Watiek Ideo. The theme of this parenting sharing is “Build Foundational Capabilities in Early Childhood through Literacy Activities”.


Watiek Ideo, who was written more than 200 children’s books, said that no matter how busy parents are, they must be fully present for their children when they are at home. Therefore, according to her, father and mother must equip themselves as role models for their children. “If you want your children to be literate, the father and mother must also be literate,” Watiek explained.

She also explained that children can learn literacy from anywhere; it can be from listening to songs, reading books, watching TV shows, and playing games on gadgets. One of the questions from parents that attracted the participant’s attention was a question related to games played on devices. “How best? Are children allowed to play games on gadgets?”

Beside that, Watiek explained that every type of game has rules, there is an age limit. It’s just a matter how we as parents can control our children’s gadget use, choosing the appropriate type of game. Parents must be able to take control, there are clear rules agreed with child. For example, children play age-appropriate games and only on holidays. At the end of the session, parents are given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss.

Parenting is school activity together with student’s parents to prepare school and home environment that is conducive to optimizing development of children’s character. SBB Kebayunan regularly holds parenting sharing every month. The activity—at the end of February 2024—feel even more special because it is sponsored by the Ancora Foundation and can present speakers from outside the city.


SBB Kebayunan is one of the Coordinator School (Sekolah Koordinator) in the second batch of the Grand PHBK Program (PPA) which has fostered 15 Partner School (Sekolah Mitra) in the surrounding area. In this parenting sharing, SBB Kebayunan also invited representatives from Partner School to take part in this event.

Translator: Ratna Safitri
Reporter: Ari Saptarini
Editor: Teuku Zulman Sangga Buana

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